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    Hair Treatments

    Hair Treatments

    For Stronger Hair

    Fusio Dose Vita Ciment

    Vita Ciment delivers stronger, healthier hair that lasts up to 5 shampoos. Hair is repaired in-dept and fibre is densified. Guaranteed -96% less breakage while blowdrying.


    Prevention and protection of the internal bonds during the colouring service. Smartbond is a bond strengthening system which adds another layer of protection to the hair during the colouring process by strengthening internal bonds. Smartbond prevents damage to deliver hair that is shiner, softer and stronger.

    For Shinier Hair

    Fusio Dose Pixalisté

    Pixalisté Designed for colour treated hair. The radiance of coloured hair is boosted and the fibre is nourished while remaining beautifully light. Guaranteed 6 times more radiance and locks in colour to prevent colour fade.

    Colour Lock

    Colour Lock seals the cuticles and locks colour pigments into the hair immediately after the hair-coloring process. It neutralizes alkaline and peroxide residues without weighing down the hair. Hair is lift soft to the touch with a beautiful shine.

    Colour Pop

    This service will give high shine colour results with no commitment. Shades range from natural brunettes to vivid reds. Ideal for first time colour client’s, to refresh existing colour or blend those first white hairs. Colour pop will shampoo out of the hair in 8-10 shampoos. Call in to your nearest Peter Mark salon for a complimentary consultation.

    For Smoother Hair

    Fusio Dose Discipline

    72 hrs anti-frizz protection. Hair is smoother and more manageable with a beautiful shine.

    For Fuller Hair

    Fusio Dose Densifique

    Densifique is perfect anyone who wants fuller, thicker hair. The fibre is re-densified and toned. The radiance of coloured hair is boosted instantly. Guaranteed 28th more volume after one use.

    For Softer Hair

    Fusio Dose Oleo Fusion

    Oleo Fusion deeply nourishes dry hair and leaves it feeling soft and silky. The hair is smoothed and disciplined without heavy feeling and lasts for 5 shampoos. You are guaranteed 3 times more nourishment with an anti-drying action.