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    Thinning Hair

    Thinning Hair

    Peter Mark are proud stockists of Nioxin, the No.1 Salon Brand for thicker, fuller hair.  With 72% of Nioxin hair is Thicker Looking after 2 weeks it is the perfect option for those who want to achieve thicker looking hair.

    Nioscope 2.0

    The Nioxin Nioscope is an incredible camera tool which allows your stylist to properly assess your hair and scalp by magnifying them both up to 200x.

    The Nioscope 2.0 easily attaches to your iPhone to capture the images saving them to your photo album, which allows you to compare the health and progress of your hair and scalp the next time you’re in the salon.

    This is a complimentary service to have in all Peter Mark salons nationwide.


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    Scalp Dermabrasion

    What is it?

    The Nioxin Scalp dermabrasion is an anti-aging treatment to help regenerate and revitalize scalp skin through exfoliation.

    It acts like a facial for your scalp, only available during in-salon services and carried out by your stylist, this 10 minute treatment is applied to dry hair and works on exfoliating any excess oils, product build up and dead skin from the scalp to restore it to a good condition.

    What client is this of benefit to?

    • Ideal for all clients
    • Fine hair types
    • Hair thinning concerned clients

    Nioxin Scalp recovery purifying exfoliator

    What is it?

    This cosmetic treatment is for in salon use only and automatically gets rid of scalp flakes, dandruff, debris, and dead skin build up from the scalp.

    Nioxin purifying scalp exfoliator is available in all Peter Mark salons and works like an antibiotic or detox for the scalp and sets the foundation for the take home Nioxin scalp recovery 3 step system that helps prevent dandruff recurrence with regular use.

    This treatment is exclusive to in salon use and takes 10 minutes

    Client Type:

    • Primarily Dry or flaky scalps.
    • Dandruff clients.
    • Both men and women
    • Suitable for ages 16+