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New research from Kérastase has revealed the reason behind damaged hair that keeps coming back, no matter what you do: calcium. Surprise! It turns out that this mineral – important to our physical health – is terrible for our hair when in excess. Because damaged hair is porous, it can absorb up to 3 times more calcium (not limescale!) from hard water than healthy hair does, leading to a calcium overdose.

Calcium sneaks in between keratin chains, breaking their links, and making hair rigid, stiff, and breakable. Kérastase Première Decalcifying Repairing Pre-Shampoo Treatment is formulated with a concentration of pure citric acid and glycine that has a dual action to remove excess dulling and damaging calcium and to penetrate hair’s inner layer to deeply help repair its structure. So, don’t worry if you bleach your hair, now you can make sure your hair is just as strong, shiny, and healthy

-Decalcifies and dramatically repairs persistent damage.
-Helps reverse stiffness and dullness.
-Helps reconnect broken links between keratin chains for an inner structure reinforcement

At-Home Decalcification Ritual

The key to the Première range is the power of layering.
to remove the calcium deposits from the outside and inside of your hair fiber.
By layering our powerful Première clarifying pre-shampoo treatment with the shampoo, the active ingredients are able
to penetrate the different layers of your hair for optimal decalcification and mineral detox.

Layer 1: Activate

Start with Kérastase Première Decalcifying Repairing Pre-Shampoo Treatment, a pre-shampoo concentrate that is the clarifying hero of the collection.

Use on slightly wet/damp hair and should not be rinsed before applying the shampoo (layer 2)

With 3% citric acid and 5% glycine, it decalcifies your hair helping reverse stiffness and dullness, restoring hair's original strength* and increasing shine by 75%

Layer 2: Cleanse

Our Kérastase Première Decalcifying Repairing Shampoo should be applied directly on top of the Concentré (you can add a little water to emulsify, if needed).​​

Its creamy texture and voluptuous foam gently cleanses away calcium overload and helps neutralise dullness and breakage. Hair is left feeling healthier.

Layer 3: Treat

Once hair is towel-dried you can layer on the Kérastase Première Anti-rigidity Decalcifying Repairing Conditioner, or the Anti-breakage Repairing Filler Mask.​​

The lightweight formula of the conditioner quickly gets to work to restore moisture and fluidity. In fact, hair is left up to 7 x smoother*, up to 82% shinier* and up to 2x* softer.​​
The rich, creamy mask should be left on towel-dried hair for 5 minutes to penetrate fibers.

Layer 4: Finish

Calcium doesn’t just cause breakage, it enhances damage and dryness leading to frizz, so our Kérastase Première Repairing Anti-frizz Filler Serum is designed to repel humidity and protect against heat up to 230 degrees*.​​

Intensive Shine Repairing Oil is a nourishing oil that seals the look of spit ends and boosts shine by up to 4x*. It’s the perfect addition to polish hair after heat styling or to tame flyaways if you tend to leave you hair to air dry.

What is the Fragrance of PREMIÈRE?


 "This luminous creation reveals the sensuality of a vibrant mandarin. The Fragrance unveils a citrus & mandarin cocktail surrounded by an accord of orange flowers and jasmine. It creates a true summer nectar sending you directly to Italy"
TOP NOTES: citrus accord with happy mandarin
HEART NOTES: delicate and silky premium flowers
BASE NOTES: Enveloping rich and subtle woody facets.

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