04 October 2023 Our News

Protect your colour with Metal Detox

Do you ever wonder if your shower water is having an impact on your hair’s condition and colour? Do you notice your colour sometimes fades quicker, and in some cases can even appear to turn greenish? The reason is because our water can contain metals – due to copper pipe erosion over time, metals can get carried into our water supplies and can eventually end up being absorbed into our hair.  While not a problem to your health, it’s a different story for your hair. After seven years of research, L’Oréal Professionnel Paris found that these metals can have a negative impact on your hair’s condition and colour.

L’Oréal Professionnel Paris analysed hair from all over the globe and understood that copper metal in the hair can cause breakage and unreliable colour results. Why? Put simply – copper metals can interfere and get in the way of the colour doing its job properly! This means your hair could break when you colour it, or that the colour won’t be as vibrant as you would have wished. 

The solution is Metal Detox, available at Peter Mark. It eliminates metals from your hair that can impact your colour service. And this restorative product is also a super simple add on to any colour service. Before your stylist colours your hair, they will begin by prepping and detoxing your hair with a simple spray. After the spray they will continue the service as normal, and will rinse off your colour and cleanse your hair with the metal detox shampoo and mask. Book your Metal Detox appointment now for the incredible colour you deserve! 

It’s important that you continue to detox your hair from harmful water when you get home, because every time you wash your hair you will be susceptible to metal absorption. The Metal Detox range, available online or in salon at Peter Mark, has a shampoo and mask for you to continue the routine at home, so you can enjoy prolonged colour results, but also keep your hair in optimal condition for your next colour appointment.

Maintain your fabulous salon colour vibrancy with beautiful shine with L’Oréal Metal Detox anti-metal cleansing cream shampoo. The rich, sulfate-free cleansing cream transforms into a concentrated foam, yet is easy to rinse.

For optimal results follow with Metal Detox anti-deposit protector mask to protect the hair fibres from particle deposits for hair that is instantly smoother, softer and more nourished.

Enriched with Glicoamine, this Metal Detox anti-deposit concentrated oil protects hair from the deposit of metal particles