26 July 2023 Tips & Trends

Start your own curl revolution!

Hot off the catwalks and onto the High Street is the latest look in hair – The Natural Curl. But don’t be fooled, it’s not only those blessed with naturally curly hair who can embrace the look. The right cut, tools and techniques can create waves on even the straightest hair.

The look is incredibly versatile. One take on The Natural Curl has soft, face-framing layers, reminiscent of the perennial 1970s Shag look. Perfect for any length, the layers create movement around the face, highlighting the shape and volume of the curls. Other takes on the look embrace curl types from tight curls, soft coils or gentle waves.

Pick the right products and tools to create the style – and to keep it looking great. A wide-tooth comb (or even your fingers) works best for detangling, then towel-dry the curls by scrunching them in their natural direction. Kerastase’s Curl Manifesto hydrates the hair and holds the curl. Apply in sections, and be sure to get proper saturation with the product. Straighteners are ideal for loose waves, while the ghd Thin Wand is specifically designed to create tight, coiled curls. Throughout the haircut, try gentle finger drying to encourage the curl. Using a diffuser is also a great way to get the look – gently place the hair into the diffuser to maintain the integrity of the curl. For best results, use medium heat and speed.

So how did we create our signature look? It has a very natural feel, with a loose, free texture. Rather than a weighty straight line, the base line was point cut to create more texture. Vertical channel layers removed weight from the hair and encouraged the curl. Working with the hair’s natural texture, we used Curl Manifesto to twist in the curl, then diffused the hair to 80% dry. Curling random sections of hair with the  ghd Thin Wand finished the look. Colour is soft and natural – some soft pieces of balayage would give a sun kissed look.