02 July 2023 Tips & Trends

This spring’s hottest style – the French bob

Maximise your joie de vivre this spring with a fabulous French bob! A typical French bob features chin-length hair, paired with a fringe that just touches the brows. But this incredibly versatile style can be adjusted to suit all hair types and face shapes.

The style originated in 1890s France, with actor and singer Polaire who wore her hair in a cropped bob. The trend took off, and was widespread by the 1920s. But it’s appeal is timeless, from Natalie Portman in the 1990s film ‘Leon’ to Karli Kloss on the runway recently.

Our stylists know the best techniques to achieve a perfect look, depending on your hair type and face shape. Our model’s hair is cut as one solid length just below the chin using scissors, but using thinning scissors would give a softer, more texture finish. Using a hand blade would give a more textured, choppy style – perfect for a more ‘unfinished’ result – so let your stylist know the look you love!

Similarly, the look of the fringe is customisable. Our model’s fringe is cut straight across, to produce a curve at the edges and giving a textured look that isn’t too solid and gaps in certain areas. A shorter, blunt fringe will give a funky, modern look, while longer, layered bangs add a softer, seductive touch. A fringe that sweeps in a centre part also puts a trendy spin on this classic style. Your stylist will explain all the options and show you how to style your fringe in a number of ways.

Clever use of colour can also bring a French bob to the next level. Solid colour is striking and gives that timeless Louise Brooks vibe, but a few strategically chosen lighter sections will add depth and interest. Our model had a very dark base, but to add dimension to her hair we lightened sections and added a mocha toner to warm up the final look without making the end result too light. Alternatively, add drama by increasing the sections and use a vibrant Pulp Riot shade for a very contemporary final result.

So if you feel like a change in 2022, this look is on-trend and versatile enough to suit everyone. 100 years on, why not channel your inner 1920s icon and give the French bob a try?