03 July 2023 Tips & Trends

Unleash your inner golden goddess

Fashion comes and goes, but old-school glamour is timeless. Our latest trend is all about flawless blonde tones and sleek luxe styling. Every era has its version of this high-impact look, from Marilyn Monroe to Brigitte Bardot, from Claudia Schiffer to Adele.

For the original blonde look, colour is lustrous, using shimmering ribbons of shadow lights glazed in accents of gold, rich apricot, sugarcane, and almond blush set against contrasting tones like oatmeal, warm beige and cashmeres, creating contrasting accents of warm and cool tones. But luxe glamour is just as much a mood as a colour, so the look can work on glossy brunettes, too.

This trend can work with a number of different cuts, as the magic is all about the right styling techniques. From chin length to long, and with or without a fringe, this versatile look is a glamorous way to style a range of cuts. The team went for a big blow out, creating lift and volume with the ghd Helios hair dryer, establishing the perfect foundation. Then the ghd Glide was used to give extra root lift, and to give volume to the ends. Unlike straighteners, a hot brush won’t flatten the hair, giving a full and voluptuous finished style. Use Redken Quick Tease to hold the lift at the roots and to fix the style.

 So channel your inner golden goddess and get a look that is fit for the French Riviera!