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    Colour Pop And Colourful Services

    A colour that thinks it’s a conditioner.

    Our Colour Pop service with its gentle ammonia-free formula is the perfect colour solution to enhance and add richness, change your hair colour, refresh your colour between services or blend those first few white hairs. An intermixable palette of shades provides endless opportunities for high fashion, low commitment bespoke colour, that washes out after 6-8 shampoos leaving your hair silky soft with a luminous shine, perfect for all hair types.

    Colorful is a direct dye colour available in 10 bright and brilliant intermixable shades which offer infinite opportunities for bespoke and personalised colour as individual as you are. From soft Pink Sorbet or Hypnotic Magenta, these beautifully conditioning shades provide you with an opportunity to reduce or intensify tones on darker shades or add a playful touch of fabulous colour on lighter hair. The tones are temporary with the durability of the colours depending on the selected shade.

    Skin Allergy Test is NOT Required for both services. Either can be added to any Peter Mark blow dry or cutting appointment.

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    Dia Colour

    Is an express tone-on-tone colour service that creates glossy luminous looking reflects with exceptional vinyl shine giving you beautiful colour without any permanent commitment.

    This natural-looking colour gradually fades away avoiding a visible regrowth whilst enhancing your hair’s tone at the same adding gloss and shine.

    Skin Allergy Test Required

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