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    Statement from Peter Mark

    Peter Mark can confirm that it has been targeted in a cyber-attack. Initial investigations have found evidence that an unauthorised third party illegally gained access to certain information stored on our internal office IT system. Following our detection of this issue, steps were taken to intercept and manage it. We have engaged highly specialised services to assist us with the investigation and help resolve the incident.


    This attack has not affected the ability of our salons to operate, and they remain fully open for business. Appointments can be booked as usual.  Our customer payment system which processes card payments is operated by a third-party provider and is not affected by this breach.


    The nature and extent of this breach remains under investigation, including what exact data on our systems has been affected. However, initial results of the investigation indicate that some Human Resources data has been compromised. It is not clear yet what other data was part of this breach, and we are continuing to investigate this matter. There is no evidence that any personal data has been leaked on the dark web, but we are continuing to monitor this.


    We have reported the attack to the relevant authorities in Ireland and Northern Ireland, including the Data Protection Commission, the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office, An Garda Síochána and the National Cyber Security Centre.


    The National Cyber Security Centre and An Garda Síochána and the Banking and Payments Federation of Ireland have published guidance to educate the public about how to protect themselves from cybercrime and fraud which are available online here and here.


    In accordance with recommended guidance, individuals should never disclose any personal data (including passwords, usernames, or PIN numbers) in response to an unsolicited call or communication (such as SMS, email or phone call, even if it appears to be legitimate) or click on any links or open any attachments contained in such communications. Please remember, we will never ask you for card details when making an appointment at Peter Mark, either by telephone or via our online booking system.


    We are taking this matter very seriously. We are currently in the process of liaising with our staff to inform them of this incident and are working closely with all the relevant authorities and our external specialists who are assisting us. We will continue to provide any further updates to the relevant authorities and to affected individuals in line with our data protection obligations.




    For queries, please contact:


    Angie Grant | Conor Brophy


    [email protected] | [email protected]

    086 377 2791 | 086 603 9476